NAUGATUCK, Conn. (WTNH) — Naugatuck police are investigating a severe case of animal abuse after a Siberian husky was found wandering with a chain around his neck on May 13.

The sweet, playful dog is now in the care of Naugatuck Animal Control. He’s been named Justice as the police department works to bring justice in his case.

“The citizens found the dog in the area of Platts Mill Road, which borders the Waterbury line,” Sgt. Danielle Durette, of the Naugatuck Police Department, said. “They brought the dog down over concern of the dog’s body condition.”

Justice underwent surgery to remove the 28-inch metal chain, which was deeply embedded into his neck.  

“The chain was obviously attached for a significant period of time to have skin growing over it,” Durette said.

On Monday, Naugatuck police put out a call for help.  They’re asking anyone with information or video to report it right away.

“We’re asking people to check your home security footage, check your Ring cameras, go back to this date,” Durette said.

Desmond’s Army Animal Law Advocates, a group of volunteers working to better the lives of animals, is offering a $1,500 reward.

“I consider this extremely egregious because of the amount of time it takes for skin to grow over a chain, and how long the chain had to be there,” said Zilla Cannamela, president of Desmond’s Army.

As the investigation continues, the focus remains on getting justice the help he needs. 

“He did a 360,” said Steve Rupsis, a Naugatuck Animal Control officer. “He’s very happy today. We’ve been working with him.”

Naugatuck Animal Control can’t do this work alone.  They rely on donations from the public.

Once Justice is ready, he’ll make his way to his forever home.

“While he’s recovering, he’s not going to be available,” Durette said, adding that the city will let the public know when that happens.

Anyone with information or video is being asked to contact Naugatuck police at (203) 720-1010 or email Animal Control at