Sleeping Giant Park issues warning to dog owners

New Haven

Over the weekend the Hamden Fire Department rescued a dog after its paws were inflamed walking on the tower path at Sleeping Giant.

HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH)–Over the weekend, the Hamden Fire Department rescued a dog after its paws were inflamed walking on the Tower Path at Sleeping Giant.

The Park Association said the surface is new and has not been weathered, so the trail is sharp.

Angela Mitchell told News 8, “It is a little rough to be quite frank. In the past it had finer stones and what they’ve done now is put the larger rigid stones in.”

Veterinarian Leyenda Harley, the medical director for Central Hospital For Veterinary Medicine has seen her fair share of dogs with paw injuries.

Harley said, “Continuous persistent hot pavement, continuous persistent sharp little pebbles. It is going to cause a little wear and tear. they are going to get blisters. They could get a cut.”

She said listen to what your dog is telling you.

Harley said, “If you are used to hiking with your dog and your dog can normally keep up…and suddenly they are lagging behind, or start shade-seeking on the trail, they are leaving you to go take a break.”

She also said if your dog is not responding as readily, it could be a sign to take a break.

Monica Zavala turned around after she learned the surface was too rough for her dog’s paws.

Zavala said, “I did feel it but I didn’t think it was that bad. But now that I am learning more I am definitely not going to do it without getting boots.”

This pet owner learned the hard way she doesn’t let her dog hike without wearing booties.

Cheryl Saroka said, “Many times we had started off with no boots and he came back with bloody paws and he couldn’t even walk for a couple of days after that.”

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