ORANGE, Conn. (WTNH) — The Connecticut Office of Inspector General is investigating after an Orange officer fired a shot while responding to a shoplifting call, the state announced on Monday.

Two officers were dispatched Friday night to the Burlington Coat Factory on Boston Post Road when Maurice Keys, who was holding a laundry basket full of items, ran off, according to state officials. One officer then ran after him.

As the man tried to get into a Buick, the officer grabbed the man’s shoulders to pull him out. The two then struggled, according to the state.

Another officer then tried to open the driver’s door to prevent the Keys from turning the Buick on, according to officials. The Buick then backed up, hitting a police cruiser, and started to drive up the ramp toward Boston Post Road with the first officer still inside. The second officer then fired his gun, hitting the back of the Buick.

No one was shot. The two officers’ body cameras were not on at the time, according to the state.

Keys and a woman in the Buick at the time, Timisha Hopkins, were charged with assault on a peace officer and larceny.