A student driver failed her road test in a big way today. Witnesses say she tried to back into a parking spot outside the Waterbury DMV on Thomaston Avenue when all of a sudden, the car knocked over no parking signs, made a mess of some bushes along the facility, and slammed right through the window on the wall.

Keisha Smoakes was on the other side of the boarded up glass when it happened.

“It was very horrifying,” Keisha said. “It startled me.”

Keisha fell to the ground. She was checked out at St. Mary’s Hospital and returned to the DMV later in the day to continue her business. She was lucky that she only suffered some cuts.

“He was looking after me today, for sure,” she said, looking up to the sky.

The DMV was packed with people who saw the whole thing. Chris Burke was one of those people.

“I was like, oh my God somebody backed in!” he screamed. “There were some people panicking. A lot of people were mainly trying to protect themselves. Once everything settled down a bit then everybody just returned back to normal and just wanted to make sure their place in line was safe.”

There were no serious injuries, the student driver and the instructor are okay. The DMV remained opened throughout the afternoon. Keisha’s place in line was saved.

“Yeah they let me back in,” she said smiling.

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