HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s showtime at Quinnipiac University’s Communications Center: the grand finale to a two weeks of hard work at media production camp.

Friday marked the last day of the camp where 24 high school students from around the world gained hands-on experience and put on a live show.

Dave Stevens, the seven-time Emmy winner and motivational speaker who is a double amputee, led the program. He said he wants these kids to know that success is possible despite life’s challenges.

“People judge them on their race, their background, their gender, and I want them to realize that we all have this gift and we just have to pull that gift out,” Stevens said.

Tymare Lester, who is entering her senior year at Hamden High School, is a natural in the studio.

“I was the floor director, so basically I was cuing everybody, making sure everyone was prepared and ready,” Lester said.

During her time at the camp, she learned that “I can really do anything that I put my mind to.”

Another student, soon-to-be senior Brendan Elliot from Morristown, New Jersey, found his calling as a director.

“I guess the biggest takeaway would be that this is definitely what I want to do,” Elliot said. “This is it and I know what my future is.”

These students can take the media that they made and use it in whatever what they’d like, or as a springboard into their future careers.