Over 600 students showcasing their bright ideas at the New Haven science fair.

Jason Calogin worked on a project with fellow students at Mauro-Sheridan Magnet School.

He said, “we kind of brainstormed together to figure out how we were going to put it together and how we would compare things.”

Over 200 projects are on display at James Hillhouse High School from 38 schools in New Haven.

Richard Therrien, K-12 science supervisor for New Haven Public Schools told News 8, “This year it really seemed like the students were focused on stuff that matters to their own life like healthy things.”

Students in Pre-K through 12th grade came up with unique ideas.

“We are using 6 wheat grass plants to check out how salt effects the plants,” said Gabrielle Jones.

“We did this because when it snows they put salt on the road and when they push it to the side it goes in the soil and it effects how the plants grow,” said Ava Oquendo.

New Haven science fair 

Some kids learned about science with a song.

Administrators said it’s important for students to learn science at a young age.

Jack Crane, the director of the science fair program said, “We want to maintain that brilliance and prepare them for a career.”

From light bulbs to learning about personalities the science fair is full of creativity. 

“Basically we want to find the best buy for a light bulb we compared price and performance,” added Calogin.

New Haven science fair 

“My project was how accurately do personalities coincide with self perception, ” said Nelly Torres.

There are nearly 170 judges evaluating the projects.

“There is about 20 categories. We will give first, second, third place trophies. We will give special awards from companies and partners who have special things,” said Therrien. 

The students will be recognized during a special ceremony at James Hillhouse High School Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. 

New Haven Science Fair