NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – A former patient of Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital now leads a major toy drive for the hospital. Faith Tremblay, 19, knows how a donated toy can help a sick kid feel better. She also lets her actions speak louder than words.

This is Faith’s fifth year gathering toys for the Yale New Haven Hospital System. Yale was the hospital that saved Faith’s life years ago.

“Faith was born with a rare brain disorder,” explained Lisa Tremblay, Faith’s mother. “From that, she has epilepsy, a compromised immune system, she has blood disorders, she has a lot of different things going on.”

Faith started her toy drive when she was 14. She got close to a hundred toys that year. This year, the truck is full of almost six thousand. There is plenty of need. First, there are all of the children staying in the hospital.

“We also have children who need surgery and will be going home that day,” said Cynthia Spare, the Executive Director of Yale New Haven Children’s Hospital. “We have other children coming for visits to see the doctor, and everybody wants to do a little extra this time of year.”

The Tremblays know exactly how welcome these toys will be to all those children.

“What they do for kids inside this hospital is incredible, and it’s what every child needs,” Lisa said.

Faith is a person of few words but sums up the spirit of her toy drive better than anyone else when asked why she does the toy drive.

“Because I like it,” Faith said. Why does she like it? “Because I’m happy for them.”

Giving just to make kids happy. That has given Faith hope through charity in this fifth and final toy drive. Yes, don’t look for the truck to pull up this time next year. The Tremblays say they have some family issues to attend to. But, in the 5 years they have been doing this, they have donated more than 14,000 toys.