GUILFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – Folks flocked to the fairgrounds to enjoy food, rides, and games: The Guilford Fair provided entertainment from Sept. 15-17. 

The fair has been a Guilford staple since 1859. The annual event featured high-wire circus acts and thrilling rides.   

“We went on this crazy ride!” said Scarlett Jacome of Meriden. 

Aside from the rides, a petting zoo allowed people to get up close to some unfamiliar furry friends, including goats, llamas, kangaroos, and a capybara.   

“You get to feed them and see a lot of animals that you don’t really get to see,” said Leonna Jette of East Haven. 

The Guilford Agricultural Society organizes the fair. The nonprofit says they’re lucky Hurricane Lee missed Connecticut this weekend, so the weather could cooperate. 

“There are so many people coming in the gates, so many people in the tents. Everyone is busy!” said Barbara Puffer, a member of the Guilford Agricultural Society. 

Organizers say more than 25,000 people attend the fair each summer, and the money raised goes to the next year’s event. Families we spoke with say enjoying the festivities span generations. 

“I think it’s so important to do things with kids when they’re young, and they enjoy it and make those memories,” said Ariana Ceneviva, who brought her two children. “We had those memories at the Guilford Fair, so we wanted to do the same thing for my kids.” 

Leon Jette, of East Haven, says he’s returning after 20 years because his children are now adults. 

“It’s wonderful! It brings us back to our memories with our children,” Jette said. “[My children] had a good time, too, when they were little.” 

Now, Jette is bringing his 7-year-old granddaughter, Leonna, to carry on the culture. 

“You meet different people, have different types of food, and then maybe they’ll bring their children,” Jette said. 

Organizers say the Guilford Fair is held the third weekend of September every year.