NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — A 27-year-old man shot at by East Haven police following a chase on Interstate 95 claimed to media on Wednesday that police broke his foot.

“Why was they chasing me on the highway?” Nicholas Gambardella told News 8 following a scheduled court appearance. “They were supposed to call that chase off. They did mad illegal stuff. They did mad illegal stuff, as always, and the court mad because now I’m finally speaking up.”

He did not specify how his foot was broken or when.

Gambardella said that his court-appointed lawyer didn’t show up on Wednesday. He is due back in court on Thursday.

Police were attempting to apprehend Gambardella on Jan. 6 for outstanding warrants when they said they learned that he had a gun. They tried to block him into a Burger King parking lot in Branford, but he got away, crashing into two police vehicles.

He then got out of his vehicle and ran away. An officer shot at him three times, but Gambardella was not hit by gunfire, according to police. He was captured shortly after and taken to Yale New Haven Hospital to be treated for unspecified injuries he sustained in the crash.

Gambardella was released from the hospital and then charged with three counts of first-degree failure to appear, and one count of second-degree failure to appear — all in connection to previous cases unrelated to the chase. He was released on a $151,500 bond.

The incident involving the chase, crash, and the shooting remains under investigation by the Inspector General’s office. He has not been charged with any crimes related to that case.

On Wednesday, he blasted his active charges.

“All my cases — I’m even on probation and stuff — if you want to talk about that another time, we could,” he said. “Those are all fake cases, too.”