WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The owner of Beaumont Farm in Wallingford is asking for whoever stole part of an M&M display from his property to bring it back.

Billy Beaumont goes to great lengths to entertain families with his unique displays, but the Yellow M&M from his most recent one went missing.

“A lot of work, a lot of this…the kids and the people love it,” Beaumont said. “It’s worth any amount of work you can possibly do. Any amount.”

“Caramel” was the first M&M stolen. Then, Tuesday night, someone tried stealing the Purple M&M.

The 29-acre farm, which sits at the intersection of East Center Street and South Airline Road, is known for 18 years of creative displays.

“We have a bunch of different ones we’re gonna do,” said Lynn Farkas, who works at the farm. “But, they’re not gonna be able to steal them anymore. We have it all figured out. There’s web cams everywhere, Ring cameras everywhere. Everyone’s watching you now.”

Beaumont still plans to make displays all summer long.

“I will make a new way to secure them,” he said. “They will be back. Everybody will get to see them.”

He said that if stealing them is a prank, the thief can bring Caramel back no questions asked.