MADISON, Conn. (WTNH) — The Madison Police Department has terminated three officers for alleged harassment and misconduct, according to the chief of police.

On Friday during a special meeting, the Town of Madison Board of Police Commissioners voted to terminate three police officers. The officers had been placed on paid administrative leave in June 2022 as the result of an independent investigation conducted on behalf of the town of Madison.

Officer Daniel Foito, Officer Natasha Pucillo, and Sergeant Kimberly Lauria were dismissed at a police commission meeting on Friday night.

According to the police chief, the investigation concluded that the officers’ harassing and unprofessional conduct violated the department’s code of conduct policies and procedures.  

“We also have reason to believe the unacceptable behavior and attitude toward a coworker would likely continue in the future,” said Edward Dowling, a police commissioner.

Dowling said the board spent a considerable time discussing the actions and accountability of each officer involved.

“We noted and observed the lack of remorse from the officers involved when given the opportunity to comment during the lauder mill hearing we conducted,” Dowling said.

“The Board of Police Commissioners is an independent body charged with the oversight of the employees of the police department, including the hiring and discharge of police officers. Today, these citizen volunteers made this decision in order to protect the integrity of our police department and maintain the level of professionalism our community deserves. The Town is grateful for the Commission’s service and stands in unity with the many sworn officers in Madison who faithfully sever our community every day with honesty and respect, making Madison such a great, safe place to live,” said First Selectwoman Peggy Lyons.

Two of the officers filed a lawsuit against the department last year. Lauria and Pucillo alleged sexual discrimination within the police department, claiming women are routinely passed over for promotions and job assignments.

The commission nor the police chief commented on the details of the officers’ conduct.

News 8 reached out to the attorney representing the officers as well as the police union, but they have not commented at this time.

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