NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker has a new challenger for the 2023 candidacy.

Mayor Justin Elicker is seeking re-election and today his first challenger emerged.

With the city clerk’s stamp of approval Democrat, Tom Goldenberg filed paperwork to run for Mayor of New haven.

Goldenberg told reporters, “I love this city!”

By his side, his wife and 5-year-old daughter Ainsley.

His parents are in support as well.

Goldenberg, a product of West Haven and New Haven public schools recently worked as a management consultant for McKinsey & Company, advising local and state governments on inclusive economic growth.

“I worked in downtown in restaurants in service worker jobs – gives me a view of what people are facing and how people really need support with things like housing and job opportunity,’ added the father of one.

Goldenberg says the city’s public education is in crisis. He cites chronic absenteeism and poor reading levels in the 3rd grade. “I will be hands-on and active with school leadership to make sure we have the rigor transparency and accountability that we deserve.”

On the issue of crime, he believes while safety is paramount there needs to also be an economic opportunity.

Goldenberg explains, “I will focus particularly on preventative measures to disrupt cycles of crime and violence and to get in early to help people find other pathways to resolve disputes and achieve opportunity.’  

Mayor Justin Elicker filed his paperwork earlier this month. And is seeking his third term.

Elicker who is 47 years old, recently launched a plan for fixing the post-COVID-19 education problems and has stepped out in front of issues like climate change and crime.

Mayor Justin Elicker said,” People look at new haven from around the state with a level of enthusiasm with the progress we are making.’

Currently, Goldenberg lives in Ward 10 on the city’s east side.

He is not officially on the Democratic town committee, though he has asked to be.

If he doesn’t get support at the convention, he will have to petition to get on the ballot.

A primary run-off would be expected to happen in September. It’s unclear whether Republicans are running a candidate this election cycle.