NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Change is coming to Tweed New Haven Airport. Starting this week, new state of the art advanced checkpoint scanners are being introduced.

The scanners are called a “Computer Tomography Scanner,” or better known as ‘CT Scan.’

It will give TSA Agents the opportunity to see more than just a two-dimensional image, before you board a flight.

The scanner will shoot hundreds of images with an x-ray camera. It will spin around the conveyor belt, giving the TSA agent a three-dimensional view of the items inside your bag.

You’ll notice, the opening to the x-ray tunnel is slightly smaller than a traditional x-ray unit.

Every carry-on item must be placed in a bin for screening.

The agent won’t have to pull you put of line and go through your bag looking for items not clearly spotted on the scan.

“You can leave your laptop. You can leave your cellphone and your computerized products. You don’t have to take them out and put them in a separate bin, You can leave them right in your carry-on bag,” said Dan Velez, TSA New England Spokesman.

But the big question is: Do the new scanners allow you to get through the line any faster?