NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Avelo Airlines keeps adding more and more flights at Tweed New Haven Haven Airport. Now, airport officials are making some changes to deal with complaints about noise, fumes, and traffic.

“Since Avelo launched their service in November of last year, we’ve had more than 250,000 people come in and out of our airport here at Tweed New Haven,” said Tweed Executive Director Sean Scanlon.

On some days, that means it can be tough to find a place to park. Starting Friday, July 1, there is a new option. Come to Union Station. Yes, the train station. You can park in the garage for $10, and there will be a special shuttle bus that will then drive you over to the airport. In the future, you will also be able to take a train from your local station.

“Get dropped off at your regional train station, come to New Haven Union Station and connect to Tweed airport,” explained Doug Hausladen, the executive director of Park New Haven.

The hope is that this will make things a little easier on travelers.

“It also pushes us towards that goal of reducing the number of people driving to the airport every day,” said Sandeep Aysola, the director of New Haven Transportation’s traffic and parking department.

Which is one of the many complaints neighbors have about Tweed. Among others are the noise and smells of the airport. The airport reached a voluntary agreement with Avelo just this week about some of those.

“The flights will start later in the morning, starting immediately and beyond, in September, and they will end sooner in the evening,” Scanlon said. “And they will definitely be curtailing the flights that end after midnight.”

Avelo also plans to taxi their 737s using just one engine to cut down on jet fumes. An ongoing environmental assessment of the airport will determine whether it is allowed to lengthen its runway.

The shuttle buses will run as needed, based on reservations, so you need to make a reservation if you plan to take the shuttle from the train station to the airport. You can make a reservation, and check on the availability of parking at the airport, at