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Wallingford cemetery to open pet section

New Haven

When we lose a human loved one, there’s usually a place we can go to feel closer to that person, but what about when we lose a 4-legged family member? One Wallingford cemetery is now welcoming them as well.

Memoriam Cemetery has heard the question for years: Can I bury a beloved pet here?

“Over the years, there has been a demand for a pet cemetery,” said Cemetery Supervisor Linda Krasko. “People have wanted a place to inter their pets, which are a part of their family.”

Now a quiet half acre in back of the cemetery is being converted into just that. It has already been staked out into plots – small ones for cremated pets, bigger ones for the entire animal. This is personal for Krasko. Her pit bull Tyson recently passed away.

“Unfortunately, my pet may be the first one to be interred because he just died a month ago,” Krasko said. “I’m happy that I do have a permanent place.”

Many pet owners bury pets in the backyard, but that’s not possible for apartment dwellers or renters, and if you move, you can’t visit the gravesite. For a few hundred dollars, the memoriam pet cemetery solves those problems. You even get a grave marker.

“You know, with the pet’s name, date of birth, date of death, and you can come here and memorialize and remember all the nice memories about your furry friend,” said Krasko

Crews are about to come in and put up a fence to separate the pet section from the human section, and there will be a nice archway welcoming people to the pet cemetery. 

For more information, contact Memoriam Cemetery at 203-269-9840.

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