WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Wallingford parents who brought their kids to the playground at Grand Street Park got a nasty surprise.

Police got the call Monday afternoon that someone had written vulgar messages all over the playscape in various colors of permanent marker.

Crews tried to clean off some of it Tuesday, but it did not go well. The vandalism is getting a lot of attention on a Wallingford community Facebook group page.

The Parks and Rec Department said they are seeing more and more vandalism done with markers instead of spray paint. Markers are cheaper and easier to conceal.

A little more than a year ago, and a little less than a mile away, vandals set fire to the playground at Doolittle Park, destroying it. Replacing it cost around $70,000. Police arrested four juveniles, and the town put up surveillance cameras.

The Parks and Rec Department said there had been no incidents since those cameras went up. News 8 could not see any cameras in view of the incident at Grand Street Park.

Town staff said they hope to get this cleaned up soon, but neighbors said the kids are back writing more as soon as they clean up stuff like this.

Vandals also wrote over a wall outside a business next to the playground. Employees of the business painted over it themselves.