WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Parents and leaders in Wallingford say they are fed up with kids who have caused a lot of trouble in recent months — whether it’s setting a Doolittle Park playscape on fire last fall, disrespecting local business owners and customers, or riding their bikes dangerously. 

Laurie Plourde and Shannon Tosney said they’re tired of it – but the mothers point out it’s not every child. 

“All the kids are being lumped together as, ‘all kids are bad,'” Plourde said. “There are different groups of kids doing different things.”

Tosney said that includes children who ride bikes in the road, swerving in and out of traffic and doing wheelies.

“Then there’s the younger group of boys and girls that frequent the establishments here in the center of town,” she said.

Heather Williams, owner of Mr. D’s, said the issues are creating a sour experience for her sweet-shop customers. 

“There are complaints about [kids] weaving in and out of traffic and just riding a little dangerously and throwing bikes wherever,” she said.

Plourde, however, said that the solution could be more bike racks.

“There’s no place for these kids to leave their bikes, so they often just drop them in front of the door, which causes a problem for their patrons,” she said.

Parents also working with town council to pass a local ordinance which would allow police to confiscate bikes from dangerous riders.    

That first violation, Tosney said, would to take away the bikes, and only give them back after a parent goes to the police department to retrieve it. Further violations would come with a fine.

Jason Zandri, a member of the Wallingford Town Council, said the council could first see the proposal in May or June.