WALLINGFORD, Conn. (WTNH) – There are plans for a new restaurant in Wallingford, but some residents are against the development.

The restaurant has plans for outdoor seating, food trucks and an outdoor movie setup at the site.

The proposed site is 10 Mansion Road, a residential area where those against the plan came out to protest in front of the Wallingford inland wetlands and watercourses commission on Wednesday night.

News 8 spoke to the owner of the property and a resident who said the owner changed the zoning of the property from residential to commercial without posting a notice. 

“We weren’t aware of this until July, and he had already gone to planning and zoning to get permission to turn the site into commercial. So, we’re stepping in now, a little bit late. But none of us wants it here for various reasons. But,  first and foremost we are starting off with the environmental aspect,” said Sharon Petrillo of Wallingford.

Joseph Flamini is a partner of Lost and Found Ventures who purchased the land in May.

“I bought this property in May. May 1st. I don’t know what they’re speaking of in terms of any proposals. My proposal was filed in June of this year, which they have copies of with planning and zoning and wetlands,” Flamini said.  

He said he and his partners hired a soil scientist as they were asked to do by the town… And that there are no plans to develop the area of the wetlands.

Petrillo, who lives on the road, said the owner plans on knocking down trees which could cause erosion and other environmental problems.