NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — “I walked outside, I realized how cold it was, and I turned back around.”

Like the rest of us, Tyrell Jackson would have stayed home if he could, but he has a deadline; he’s working on a research paper. He threw on a couple of extra layers and headed to the refuge of the New Haven free public library.

“I’m going to stay there as long as I can,” Jackson said.

He’s not the only one taking cover there; The governor has activated all warming shelters as severe cold moves into Connecticut, and the New Haven library is one of the local warming centers.

Library executive director Maria Tonelli says centers like hers takes in the most vulnerable.

“They have nowhere else to go. We’re probably the only place in the city where they can come, have access to the internet, do a few things, there’s a soup kitchen next door,” Tonelli said.

With the weather like this, everyday activities like waiting for the bus can be excruciating — minutes count.

Daytime is a problem, but as night falls, so will temperatures. The best advice is to stay protected.

If you need a place to get warm even just for a few minutes, call 211 for the location of a nearby shelter. Remember, all public libraries, at least here in the Elm City, will be available as well.