WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — A Waterbury business has stepped up to help relief efforts following Hurricane Ian’s destruction in southwest Florida.

“The pictures didn’t do it justice,” said Chris Duncan, the transport manager of Pareco Gas. “A lot of devastation, heartaches. It’s an eerie feeling to go down streets that should be dark.”

The company’s truck drivers dropped off six trailer loads, which equaled 10,000 propane cylinder tanks. Duncan said it wouldn’t have been possible without a team effort.

The company received a phone call last week asking it to bring the tanks. The Waterbury location recycles propane tanks at a rate of 16,000 a day.

Those recycled tanks are now a necessity.

“What the public doesn’t realize is we can put back into circulation pretty much any cylinder, short of having a hole in it,” Will Fabrizio, the general manager of central operations for Pareco Gas, said. “We encourage people — don’t bring them to the scrapyard. We want to recycle, get them back into service.”

The tanks help restore power to home. With propane, communities are able to cook and use portable lights.