WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) — Waterbury has many areas prone to flooding. That’s why crews with the Department of Public Works spent all day Wednesday trying to clear storm drains and culverts of debris that could block water and force it onto streets, causing a flooding nightmare for drivers.

“A lot of people will throw their trash up top but it’ll come down the stream and it’ll clog up,” said Garrett Garfield, working with Griffin Dosantos. News 8 caught up with them along Berkeley Avenue and Bucks Hill Road. “A lot of the times we’ll come down here and that entire hole will be clogged.”

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Armed with shovels and rakes, they often work along the streets or down the hills next to them in their efforts to get rid of anything blocking the areas where water needs to flow freely in order to prevent flooding during heavy rains. They say it’s long, but important work.

“Very because this comes first before the storm,” said Garfield. “Because when this clogs up, all this water’s going to go out into the road and after that, it’ll go into storm drains and if those are clogged, that’ll start flooding.”

Mark Lombardo, the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works, says DPW is more than equipped to handle this storm prep since they just went through much of the same with Henri.

“A couple weeks ago Henri was a good test for us to get out there, mobilize, clear up a lot of areas that are known for flooding,” he said.