WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – Waterbury police are investigating car thefts that occurred overnight. Surveillance video shows a Range Rover, which is reported to be stolen, driving through the area of Cables Avenue dropping off the thieves who went through cars.

The video also shows a person getting out of the car and dropping what appears to be a gun on the ground. The person then picks up the gun, picks up another item that had fallen, gets back into the SUV, and drives away.

Neighbor Jim Battistrada said this has happened before in his neighborhood. But knowing the suspects could be armed may make it more concerning. Another time his neighbors took matters into their own hands.

“A couple of the guys went out after them and what if they have a gun. That’s crazy,” Battistrada said. “Some people, they don’t have that much, so then they steal from them. I had my car broken into, stole all my tools. I’m a carpenter, so everything was gone.”

Waterbury police are investigating the thefts, but say there were only a few incidents where cars were broken into because they were unlocked. They will be increasing patrols in the area and will also be posting on social media to try to prevent other crimes from happening as well.

Police are reminding residents to lock their car doors and not to keep anything of value in plain view. Battistrada though said other thefts have also happened in broad daylight.

“The car follows the lawn service guys. They get their stuff out of the truck, put it on the ground, go back in the truck, the car pulls up and grabs it. A brand new $800 leaf blower,” Battistrada said. “So I’m looking around. I’m like wait a minute, my saw was just on the ground.”

He later saw on surveillance video what happened to his saw.

“Car pulls up, he sees the saw,” Battistrada said. “Stops, gets out of the car. Grabs the saw and takes off.”

So whether it’s in the middle of the day or night, some thieves may be getting bolder.

“I think in a lot of ways a lot of people see nobody gets punished for certain things,” Battistrada said.