WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — The West Haven Animal Shelter will be getting some upgrades thanks to funding from the state, according to officials.

“They do a lot of great work here at the animal shelter, but they haven’t had the resources to really do what they want to do,” West Haven mayor-elect Dorinda Borer (D) said.

Mayor-elect Dorinda Borer told News 8 they’re getting $880,000 in state funding for public safety upgrades and this project falls under that.

“The police department asked for a new communication system at the police department,” Borer said. “New equipment for their vehicles. Solar speed radars. AEDs. This $300,000 was part of this larger public safety package.”

She said one of the main upgrades will be the HVAC system.

“We have a very archaic HVAC system here,” Borer said. “We passed the new law about minimum and maximum temperatures. In extreme weather, we want to make sure our animals and employees are protected.”

The rest of the money will go to upgrades around the shelter.

“The building itself is a little bit on the older side, a little more room, storage, some additional cages because right now we are full,” said West Haven Police Sgt. Mark Gado, who supervises the Animal Control Division.

While they have ideas about where to allocate the money, Borer is hoping to hear from the community too.

“We have so many animal lovers throughout the city!” Borer said.

As for when the project will begin, Borer believes it will start in January.

In the meantime, town officials are encouraging anyone interested in adoption to check out the West Haven Animal Shelter as the animals are looking for their forever homes.