NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– November is National Adoption Awareness Month and to mark the occasion more than 60 children were adopted in juvenile courts across Connecticut Friday.

These proceedings are usually closed to the public

“I would say that God came at the right time and blessed us,” said Isaac Bish.

Kendra and Isaac Bish are already a large blended family, getting even bigger.

Several years ago they decided to become foster parents, taking in then two-and-a-half year old Kayden.

“He was learning us. We were learning him,” said Bish.

The trauma of being uprooted is hard on children. The Bish family welcomed Kayden into their West Haven home, going above and beyond to provide supports for his medical and special needs.

“His development has been so amazing. He’s very intelligent, very bright – just an amazing kid,” said Bish.

“This child has gone from not being able to really talk and bond with people and look people in their eyes to actually loving and hugging and missing people,” said Tomi Handy, DCF Social Worker.

Fast forward to adoption day, now 5-years-old, Kayden is a natural with the mic, enjoys driving his red Ferrari and is getting a new last name.

“When you leave here today, the court’s job is complete and parenting Kayden will be your complete responsibility,” said Judge Shelley A. Marcus.

Kayden’s social worker Tomi Handy couldn’t hide her emotion for an outcome like this.

“I’m overwhelmed with joy today and I’m so excited for him and his future,” said Handy.

There are over 4,000 children in foster care in Connecticut and typically these proceedings are closed to the public. They’ve been made open Friday during Adoption Awareness Month.

“There’s stages. There’s ups and downs but if someone is willing to love a child and go on that journey – the benefits are amazing,” said Handy.

Kayden was already a member of the Bish family. The adoption at New Haven Juvenile Court just made it official.

“Even if it didn’t happen, he was still going to be my little brother,” said Isaac Bish, brother.

“He has me around his little finger,” said Bria Weaver, sister.

“It’s not a day that goes by that he doesn’t make us laugh,” said Isaac Bish.