NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — West haven native Steve Buslowe is recognized as not only one of the great bass players, but one of the most “versatile.”

Buslowe’s career took off and right after Meat Loaf did “Bat Out of Hell,” the last piece of the puzzle was a bass player. Buslowe auditioned and got the gig and the rest is history.

They were together for more than 20 years.

“Meat was a special singer. When I first met him I couldn’t believe what was coming out of his mouth. I never heard a voice like that before, let alone be five feet away from it while he was doing it,” Buslowe said.

“More than most singers, he always talked about getting into character as a singer. Instead of just singing songs as a melody, it was important for him to understand who he was going to be.”

He said that likely came from Meat Loaf’s theatrical background.

“Meat just had a special way about him, but he was rock-n-roll too. He was a big Elvis fan, and he loved the hard rock stuff,” Buslowe said.