WEST HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Neighbors in West Haven are fed up over illegal dumping on their streets — and one neighbor is now offering a reward for information. 

David Killeen has lived in the Old Field Creek neighborhood for 15 years. He’s seen trash left in the marshes near his home. 

“We see couches, we see TVs, we see chairs, large toys,” he said. “It’s insulting to think that somebody thinks that it’s okay to dump on our neighborhood. It makes it harder to keep it attractive and desirable.”

In one instance, the city cleaned up a pile of trash left in the marshes. The next day, someone dumped more trash. 

Killeen and other neighbors aren’t blaming the city for not picking up the trash. Killeen said public works comes by if he calls, and the department does bulk trash pickup twice a year. 

But when the dumping gets bad, Killeen and other neighbors will go through the marshes themselves to pick out the junk. 

“We live here and we take pride in our neighborhood,” he said.

West Haven Councilwoman Meli Garthwait posted pictures of a couch, toys and fish tank left near her home on Third Avenue Extension. In her post, she says a neighbor is offering $1,000 reward if someone comes forward with information.

Garthwait said illegal dumping has been an issue in the neighborhood for years.  

Aidan Lynch, who grew up in West Haven, said he’s seen it, too.  

“People leaving couches on the side of the road,” he said. “It’s just a mockery. It’s a mockery of our town. It sucks.”

Neighbors have tried adding lights and cameras to the areas where dumping happens the most, but they haven’t scared away whoever is leaving the trash. 

The mayor’s office told News 8 it is aware of the issue.