(WTNH) – A North Haven resident captured video of a ‘dust devil’ on Friday afternoon.

Christina Murdzek said that the dust devil appeared at the football field behind North Haven Middle School. The football field is currently under renovation, thus the dust.

So, what is a dust devil?

New 8 Meteorologist says a dust devil forms when the daytime sun heats the ground and low-pressure forms from rising air.

As air rushes in to fill the low pressure, circulation increases. According to Baylor, the process is self-sustaining and dirt or debris is picked up.

Eventually, cooler air is picked up, killing the circulation.

According to the National Weather Service, dust devils can grow to be quite large and can cause quite a bit of damage. Most dust devils grow to be less than 100’ tall but some can grow to over 3,000 feet! Most will generate wind speeds less than 45 mph, but the biggest dust devils can pack winds up to 80 mph which can cause significant damage to small structures and trees.