NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Your next trip through Tweed-New Haven Airport could go a little faster, thanks to an upgrade to the airport’s security gear. Crews just started installing new Computed Tomography scanners for carry-on bags. They work just like a medical CT scan but for your bag.

“So what they do is allow our transportation security officers to see a 3D image of your bag,” said Dan Velez, spokesman for TSA New England. “They rotate it. They can pull it apart. They can more thoroughly analyze the contents of everyone’s bags.”

That means the TSA agents do not have to open bags and look inside nearly as often. It also means less work for passengers.

“They no longer have to take out their laptops, cellphones, 311 liquid bags,” Velez said. “All of those items now can stay in their carry-on bag. They put it in the bin, goes right through.”

Passengers know taking all those things out of their bags can delay a trip immediately.

“It does. It slows everybody up,” Hamden resident Colleen Sullivan said. “So, this will be quicker, in and out, easier. Love it.”

One thing to remember with the new screening machines is that the opening is smaller than the old ones. So, passengers will have to check how big their carry-on bag is to make sure it is regulation size.

The TSA installed similar scanners at Bradley International Airport about six weeks ago. The goal is to get them in all 430-plus federalized airports in the United States. At Tweed, installation means just one scanner is operating right now.

“Avelo is doing a really good job of texting and emailing passengers what the wait times are going to be,” Velez said. “Passengers should keep an eye on their emails and texts for when to come to the airport starting tomorrow.”

Installation of both scanners is scheduled to wrap up by April 28.