Winning weather for the restaurant industry

New Haven

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s a busy day of gearing up at Goodfellas Restaurant in New Haven.

Flowers are out, meals are being prepped, and the reservation list is full.

And thankfully for the restaurants across Connecticut, the weather will be cooperating on Wednesday, but unfortunately, over the last handful of years, that really hasn’t been the case.

Gennaro Iannaccone, Executive Chef of Goodfellas Restaurant in New Haven, said, “A little bit of weather and they decide, well let’s stay in. And it’s just devastating, and it happens quite often.Related Content: Jene Luciani: Valentine’s Day Gifts She’ll Love

Quite often is right. In recent history, eateries around the state have had some bad luck on Valentine’s Day with either snow, rain, or extreme cold more than 60% of the time on Feb. 14th since 1950.

“It’s not like a birthday, ‘Oh we’ll go out tomorrow.’ Or an anniversary, ‘We can go in two days.’ Valentine’s Day is gone, it’s gone. It’s a one day shot, that’s it.” mentioned Chef Gennaro.

That can be tough considering Valentine’s Day is one of the top three days to go out to eat each year. But this year, it’s all hands on deck as people start to file in to grab their dinner reservations thanks to the beautiful weather outside.

But one thing that you’re going to have to keep in mind is that since the weather really hasn’t cooperated on Valentine’s Day, chances are as you and your sweetheart head out the door to get to your favorite restaurant, it might be a lot busier than it’s been the last handful of years. It might be a good idea to go ahead and call ahead before you leave home this Valentine’s Day.

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