WOLCOTT, Conn. (WTNH) — A mother is now reunited with her 5-year-old daughter after someone stole her car with the child still inside on Sunday night. Wolcott police are still looking for the suspects.

“It was the best feeling,” that mother told News 8 Monday, “I thought my daughter was dead; I was screaming.”

Police say at 11:30 p.m. Sunday, The Wolcott Police Department received a 911 call about a vehicle stolen from a Cumberland Farms located at 1655 Meriden Rd. with the 5-year-old child inside.

When police arrived, they learned that an 11-year-old boy had also been inside the vehicle.

Surveillance footage from the store showed that a Blue Kia with multiple people inside pulled into the lot alongside the victim’s vehicle. One person from inside of the Kia got out and entered the victim’s car, backed up, and while attempting to flee, struck another parked vehicle. As the vehicle attempted to flee again, the 11-year-old boy jumped out of the vehicle to safety.

According to police, the suspect with the victim’s vehicle, and the 5-year-old child inside, along with the blue Kia, turned right and drove in the direction of Waterbury. Police issued a BOLO, and an Amber Alert was sent out to all area towns.

On the 911 call you can hear the mother screaming, “My baby my baby!”.

At approx. 1:45 a.m. Monday, Chief Stephens of the Wolcott Police Department located the victim’s vehicle on Knollwood Drive at Split Rock Drive in the middle of the street. The Chief found the child sleeping in the back seat of the vehicle. The mother was brought to the scene, where she was reunited with her daughter and medical officials checked out the child, who appears to be physically unharmed.

Edward Stephens, Wolcott Police Chief, told News 8 Monday, “We had the ambulance come to check on the condition of the child; the child seemed to be fine. She did remember them getting into the car and driving it away.”

WEB EXTRA: Watch the surveillance video of the carjacking/kidnapping incident.

Police are still actively searching for those involved, who will be charged with stealing the motor vehicle, but also two counts of kidnapping, and two counts of risk of injury to a minor.

Monday afternoon, police say they found the car believed the be driven by the suspects in the kidnapping (the blue car in the surveillance video above) in Southbury. They are still searching for the suspects.

The little girl and her brother are traumatized but physically unharmed. They are back home Monday afternoon, recovering from the ordeal.

The little boy is on crutches from a football injury. His mom was inside the Cumberland Farms buying him Tylenol Sunday when three people pulled alongside their idling car, one person jumped into the car while the mother was inside the gas station.

Tonight the mother says she feared for her daughter’s life. She says she made a mistake leaving the car running but that her son was in pain from that sports injury and she was running out to get him

She told us, “I live here for 13 years. Any single mom has done that before trying to I just didn’t think I was trying to do the best for him getting him Tylenol.”

Anyone with information is asked to call the Wolcott Chief of Police at 203-879-1414.