HAMDEN, Conn. (WTNH) - Six former workers say the Hamden Town House Restaurant paid them as little as just over $3.00 an hour. The workers also said Thursday at a press conference that they worked between 52 to 72 hours per week.

The workers say they were paid either $3.14, $4.20, or $5.97 an hour. Right now, the Connecticut minimum wage is $10.10 an hour and workers are to be paid overtime after 40 hours per week. C

ommunity activists, Hamden clergy, the workers and their legal counsel spoke at a protest and press conference Thursday afternoon outside the Hamden Town House Restaurant on Whitney Avenue. ULA is a grass roots organization defending the human rights of immigrants and workers in Greater New Haven since 2002.

The current owner of the restaurant spoke to News 8 over the phone. Hamden Town House Restaurant owner Ari Protopsaltis says the accusations in the lawsuit filed against his restaurant are false and that he will fight these claims in court. He says he received the lawsuit a couple of weeks ago, but only took over ownership of the restaurant in January of 2015. He noted that some of the accusation in the lawsuit were prior to his ownership of the restaurant.