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WQUN listeners push to save Quinnipiac University’s community radio station

New Haven

There is a push to save Quinnipiac University’s community radio station, WQUN AM 1220, that is planned to go silent at the end of June.

The school said it is because the number of students considering a career in radio has declined.

Many neighbors in Hamden, North Haven, Cheshire, and New Haven told News 8 this will be extremely detrimental to the entire community.

Judy Bergeron is one of those neighbors. She tunes the dial to WQUN every morning before her first client walks into her salon in New Haven. 

“This is a good station and it’s good for the community,” Bergeron said.

Bergeron said she was devastated to learn the radio station will go silent at the end of June.

“I had to do something. I’m a fighter and I will fight till the end,” she said.

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She started a petition among the senior community, many of whom rely on WQUN for local interest programming and their favorite music. She’s written letters to the editors of newspapers and to Quinnipiac’s recently inaugurated president, Judy Olian.

Neighbors are outraged saying shutting down the station will only be detrimental to the community it serves.

Holly Masi, a Hamden resident said, “When there is a major weather event, which there have been many in Hamden, it has been the only open line of communication to get any information.”

Carol Christmas of Hamden enjoys the upbeat voices on WQUN, as well as the little tidbits that the station offers to make your day a bit better.

“WQUN gives me information I would see nowhere else,” Christmas said.

“I’ve had a radio on in my bedroom for 20 years that I have never shut off,” Henry Carrone of Hamden said. “It’s on 1220 and it stays that way.”

Quinnipiac released a statement saying they appreciate the loyal support, but the number of students considering a career in radio in has declined.

The university said: “We are not unsympathetic to what it means to lose it, but our first priority has to be what makes most sense for the educational needs of our students.”

Some say Quinnipiac’s president is using money that could save the radio station to renovate her home for entertaining and fundraising at the expense of the community. 

When questioned about the use of her money, President Olian said you have to invest to raise money. WQUN has been in existence since 1997.

The university said they’re now developing a podcast center that will serve the greater New Haven area in place of the radio station.

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