NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Bomb threats to multiple buildings at Yale University Friday afternoon didn’t just impact students and staff, but also businesses in the surrounding neighborhood. 

Police swarmed the streets surrounding Yale, limiting access to restaurants by Crown and High Streets. 

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Giancarlo Governale is the manager of Via Gastrobar. “I ran out to notice that the whole street had been blocked off. It was quite a surprise to us.”

Traffic quickly backed up, and it took his staff a long time to get to work. 

“The parking garage that we normally have them go would be the Crown Garage. They weren’t accepting anybody,” Governale explained. 

Around the corner, Rubamba Restaurant experienced similar issues. Owner Ernesto Garcia said they had a number of customers cancel delivery orders.

“For the drivers that are picking up the food, it is very hard to find parking,” Garcia said. 

However, he felt he had no choice but to ride it out.

“We’re losing money and the employees, they need their jobs, so that’s why we’re staying open,” Garcia said.

Governale did the same, with the hope that all remain safe.

“We all do respect that and understand that, you know, God forbid it’s a safety concern, we are more than ready to close down if need be,” Governale said.

News 8 noticed at least two restaurants on Crown and College Streets that closed early due to the threat. One of them had a sign in the window citing the situation at Yale.

As of 7 p.m., roads and buildings in the threat area were cleared and reopened.