NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Hospital beds are getting harder to come by as the state heads into the omicron peak.

“Although hospitalization rates are increasing, they’re not increasing as quickly, which is what you start to see as you’re approaching a peak,” says Yale Medicine Physician F. Perry Wilson. “I think we are a week or two away from what will be the peak of omicron.”

Wilson described how he sees the peak ending.

“It rose so quickly that it sort of infected a large part of the population. It’s not going to have many places to go which means the drop off should be fairly quick as well,” Wilson said.

Wilson said COVID patients well enough to get out of the hospital can open a bed for the sickest patients but they are often not well enough to go home and need rehabilitation. Nursing homes are now an option.

The State of Connecticut has changed the guidelines in regards to allowing COVID patients to be sent to nursing homes. Previously, they had to test negative. That is no longer the case in order to make room in hospitals.

“The argument from the state is that we are much safer now than we were a year ago because people in nursing homes are vaccinated and we have better protocols in place and PPE to protect our nursing home residents,” Wilson said.