NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Yale union workers in New Haven were rallying for what they’re calling a fair union contract for frontline workers. Hundreds of cars honked their way through the city along with protesters on foot.

The message to Yale was clear – union workers from Local 34 and Local 35 want what their calling a fairness in their union contracts, and it starts with coming to the table and sealing the deal with Yale University.

Hundreds lined up in the heart of Yale’s campus in the rain to send a message to their employer – that job security needs to remain part of the Yale union contracts.

The university as it stands is seeking to cut wages, raises and retirement benefits as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the union maintains that the workers represented the unions are the frontline workers that kept the school running during the hardest of times and deserve job security,

Yale University’s endowment stands at over $30 billion and the unions say they want to see a commitment to their workers through the union contracts that benefit the middle class of the Elm City.

“The folks that Yale counts on every day to provide food to students, clean the buildings, secretaries that do the administrative work and billing. The folks that keep the heat, light and power on. We don’t see it as we should be the ones to give a wealthy institution like Yale economic relief,” Bob Proto, President of Local 35.

We reached out to Yale University for comment. A spokesperson sent a statement that reads in part:

The university remains committed to the hard work of settling fair contracts, and fully intends to honor its commitment to the City of New Haven.