NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH)– Anna Pepper and Kristen Fulton are registered nurses in the maternity department at Lawrence & Memorial Hospital where one question looms.

“Everyone says ‘what’s in the water’,” said Fulton with a laugh.

Some may have caught a bit of baby fever.

“When you see a baby and they’re just so cute and they smell so good and you just want a baby of your own, it’s exciting,” said clinical coordinator Lauren Lary, RN. 

Eight staff members are pregnant at the same time. That’s six nurses, a midwife, and an OB Tech.

“I’m four months and one day,” said Pepper.

“Thirty three weeks tomorrow,” said Fulton.

One nurse had her baby while the others wait.

We asked Fulton if she knows what she’s having.

“A little boy.” she said.

“I’m having a boy as well,” said Pepper. 

Three boys, three girls, and two yet to be known.

“It’s helpful to have someone else going through what you’re going through,” said Pepper. “We’re definitely in the right place if you have questions you can ask another nurse, you can ask a doctor, you can ask another mom.”

The maternity staff delivers as many as 2,000 babies a year and seven of the eight women who are pregnant plan on having their babies there as well.

“Might be hard at first but I think you’ll be ready for someone else to take care of you at the end,” Pepper told Fulton.

They’ll go from provider to patient.

“I’m pretty easy going. But you never know labor changes you,” joked Pepper.

And then there’s the maternity leave.

“Luckily they were all nice to me and chose their pregnancies or planned their pregnancies a little bit far apart so they should all be a little staggered,” said Lary. 

So far this is a record breaker for the staff of 44. 

“You never know what’s going to happen next year,” mused Lary.