NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) – The City of New London and police Lt. Cornelius Rodgers announced on Thursday in a joint statement that they have reached an amicable resolution regarding a lawsuit against the New London Police Department.

The lawsuit was brought against the New London Police Department based on the alleged conduct of the former police administration.

Rodgers received discipline in February 2020, for the use of excessive force, according to the statement.

The agreement does not represent an admission of the city of wrongdoing by the city of New London. The city also denies that it treated Rodgers unlawfully.

Officials said the resolution of the lawsuit allows Rodgers to continue moving forward in his career as a successful member of the New London Police Department with a clean slate.

The agreement reaffirms New London’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion by pledging to provide continued training to its police force on the importance of racial sensitivity in policing and within the workplace.

Rodgers is pleased to put the matter behind him with an agreement that calls for positive change. City officials said they are looking forward to watching Rodgers’ continued success as a leader in the police department.