NORWICH, Conn. (WTNH) — Two bedrooms have been condemned in a building where a child fell out of a third-floor window on Sunday, according to Norwich officials.

The 3-year-old boy fell about 22 feet at about 3 p.m. from a building on Laurel Hill Avenue. Police have said that the fall was accidental.

Now, both officers and the city’s building department are investigating if the home is up to code.

“It may have been that the house was built before either the codes were issued, or we’ve only recently had fall protection introduced into our building codes,” said, Dan Coley, who is the building official for Norwich.

If it was a new home or the window was replaced, it would have to have a device that would prevent the window from opening more than four inches — making it so that a child can’t fully open the window on their own.

“In the City of Norwich we do have adopted the international property maintenance code and it does warrant more fall protection for that type of situation,” Coley said. “Any kind of multi-family building that we go into, if we find that type of situation existing, then we will ask them to fix it.

The home was not a building that his department was brought into. Now, the city will require that the window be replaced, or for the safety feature to be installed.

The toddler had three small fractures, which police said were minor injuries. The child landed on the bulkhead below and then rolled onto the ground.

“I’ve seen far worse injuries from far less falls so definitely the kid is very lucky,” Det. Steve Callender said.

He the window the toddler fell out of is just inches above the floor, which by today’s building codes would not be allowed.

“The child unlocked the two latches, slid the window open, and fell out the window,” Callender said. “It looks like the guardians had just stepped out of the bedroom real quick, so it didn’t take any time at all.”

The child lives with his maternal grandmother, who is his legal guardian, along with two other family members. The family rents the home.

No adults have been charged.