EAST LYME, Conn. (WTNH) — East Lyme police are urging the public to be cautious after a senior gave $60,000 to a scammer.

A relative contacted police in August about the scam. According to police, the scammer said there were fraudulent charges on the senior’s bank account, and that an attorney would tell them how to repay the charges. The call was then transferred to the “attorney.”

Instead, the fake attorney told the senior to go to their bank, withdraw money without speaking to anyone and then use a machine to convert the money to Bitcoin. If the bank asked why they were withdrawing money, the victim was told to say it was to buy a car or renovate an apartment.

The senior was called three different times and told to go to various bank branches to make extra withdrawals and send the funds via Bitcoin.

Police have not found the scammer. However, investigators have been able to recover $40,000 in missing money.

The $60,000 is the largest scam that East Lyme police have seen, according to officials.

“In so many of these cases, life savings are stolen and not recoverable,” police said in a written announcement.

Officers urge residents to keep accounts safe and to use extreme caution if they’re told to give money to someone who calls. If unsure if a call is valid, contact family members and the police.