Gator sighting in East Lyme lake

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EAST LYME, Conn. (WTNH)–There is no denying there are creatures lurking in the waters of Powers Lake.

“I know we have snapping turtles in here and beavers and all that so who knows,” said Matt Gillespie of Salem.

But one East Lyme fisherman says he caught a glimpse of something which shouldn’t be there.

“My first reaction was that can’t be true but of course anything’s possible someone could have a domestic pet and didn’t want it anymore,” said Gillespie.

That fisherman says he saw a small alligator near the shore.

“He said it was about a foot long,” said Tim Dowd of Niantic. “We looked for it. We didn’t see it.”

Dowd talked to the man who may have wanted to warn him and his young daughter Zoe before they climbed on their kayaks.

“With a kid Zoe’s age you just have to make sure she’s close and you can intervene if anything happens but if it’s only a foot long I suspect it’s more afraid of us than we are of it,” said Dowd.

A DEEP Environmental Conservation police officer along with quite a few local residents showed up to investigate the reported gator sighting.

“Just wanted to check it out. See if I saw it,” Gillespie said with a laugh.

The EnCon police officer told News 8 that if there is an alligator in the lake and he stressed ‘if’ he doesn’t believe that it would last too long there because even on a hot day like today he says that water can get pretty cold as the lake get deeper.

The sighting hasn’t scared anyone away in fact it may have made Powers Lake more popular.

I’ll bring a buddy out here so maybe we’ll be able to see it,” said Gillespie. 

EnCon police are asking around to see if anyone else has seen it.

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