NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH)– State and city leaders tour a new housing complex under construction in New London which has seen some recent economic growth.

It’s lunchtime at Hamilton Market in New London and it’s busy.

“We’ve gotten a little busier in the last month or so,” said owner Lynn Ivory, who took a quick break from her sandwich making duties.

She believes that boost in business may be due in part to the economic growth seen throughout the city. More construction and more jobs being added to submarine builder Electric Boat. 

“I think it’s wonderful for the city,” said Ivory. “New businesses opening up gives us a chance to increase our business.”

With a National Coast Guard Museum and the offshore wind industry also possibly on the horizon there is excitement among state and local leaders. 

Governor Ned Lamont believes the $157 million dollar infrastructure upgrades planned for State Pier positions the city well, especially with the Biden administration’s commitment to renewable energy. 

“Wind power is going to be one of the big investments they make and Connecticut for once is not late to the game,” said the governor. “We’re first in line.”

“New London was always this close to getting that sort of virtuous cycle of growth and now we are really seeing it happen,” said Congressman Joe Courtney, (D) Connecticut.

Before the Wednesday morning news conference, state and city leaders toured the 137 unit apartment complex built built by A.R. Builders in downtown New London.

It is the second complex built in the city by A.R. Building and it is in response to Electric Boat’s expansion. A third complex could also break ground soon. The city says they are keystone projects built because of an influx of jobs.

“And those jobs and that industry brings a demand in housing and that housing brings people and the people bring the disposable income for our small businesses,” said Felix Reyes, Director of Economic Development for the city of New London.

A cycle they hope continues for many more years to come.