GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) – Tenants at Branford Manor in Groton say there is a very bad mold problem in the apartments. News 8 got a look inside some of those apartments on Monday.

Mold can be seen in the medicine cabinet, shower, and on the ceiling and walls of Sara Alvarez’s bathroom.

The City of Groton says the humidity in many of the Branford Manor apartments is more than 60 percent which is why the mold grows. Alvarez says it’s making her kids sick.

“Asthma yeah,” said Alvarez.

A few years ago the owner of the public housing complex, Related Companies, did major mold remediation even removing cabinets that had mold inside and behind them. But the mold problem continues to grow.

“You need to have increased ventilation,” said Mayor Keith Hendricks, City of Groton.

These dumpsters show more work is now being done but the mayor says it isn’t being done quickly enough.

“I still don’t have a mold remediation plan,” said Mayor Hendricks.

Both the City of Groton and the Town of Groton will be discussing at their meetings Tuesday night whether or not the owners are in default of their tax abatement agreement.

“You’re now talking on the town side $450,000 and on the city side about $60,000,” said Mayor Hendricks.

“The rain does come through here,” said Attorney Amity Arscott.

She represents 45 families in Branford Manor. She had us wear N95 masks while in the apartment.

“Many many many children, families have asthma,” said Arscott. “They have breathing issues.”

The mayor tells News 8 that of the 442 units in the complex 144 have basements and 96 of them have mold, which is more than 60 percent.

Many of the units with crawl spaces also have mold.

The mayor says fixing this problem for good is a big undertaking but needs to be done.

“The health and safety of residents continue to be our top priority as we diligently work under the plan developed in partnership with The Town and The City of Groton to rectify any concerns raised at Branford Manor,” a spokesperson for Branford Manor Apartments said in a written statement to News 8. “We are currently undertaking that comprehensive strategy to bring every resource necessary and are working in good faith with elected leaders and residents to ensure it is done as quickly and professionally as possible. While we aggressively remediate the issues, we will continue to support affected residents with alternative options including hotel rooms and on-site accommodations. We are responding to any issue raised by local agencies and residents as soon as they arise and continue to report on progress.”