MYSTIC, Conn. (WTNH) — Hallmark’s holiday spirit has once again come to Olde Mistick Village. 

This Christmas movie, though, is different, because actual Mystic attractions and businesses will be highlighted.

“As an example, Mango’s Pizza will be Mango’s Pizza in the movie,” said Chris Regan, whose family owns Olde Mistick Village.

He is excited to see the area highlighted in the Hallmark film, which he said is called Mystic Christmas. 

Synthetic Cinemas, based out of Rocky Hill, filmed at Mystic Aquarium last week. The location is integral to the story line. 

“I think that’s kind of neat,” said Deborah Murray, who was visiting from Rhode Island. “We found out in one of the stores. We were curious as to what was going on.”

Hallmark isn’t officially announcing the cast of the movie until later this week, but News 8 has learned of a possible connection between this film and Mystic Pizza, which starred Julia Roberts and focused on the town in the 1980s.

“I know there’s somebody who is in this movie that was in the Mystic Pizza movie,” Regan said. 

Conchata Ferrell, who starred in Mystic Pizza, returned to Mystic in 2018 to film A Very Nutty Christmas.

“I drove her around on a little gator through the village,” Regan said.

Ferrell died in 2020.

A Very Nutty Christmas was the first Hallmark movie filmed at Olde Mistick Village.

News 8 asked A Very Nutty Christmas star Melissa Joan Hart at the time how she liked Connecticut.

“Hi, of course I love it here,” she said. “I live here.” 

Regan loved having the Synthetic Cinema filmmakers in the village.

“Put it this way, the whole entire production crew has been phenomenal,” Regan said.