Middletown woman recalls ‘stressful’ escape back home after leaving SC college ahead of Hurricane Dorian

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MIDDLETOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — While back in her Middletown home, Lauren Bomely showed News 8 pictures of a flooded shopping center and streets not far from where she goes to school in Conway, South Carolina.

“We had a mandatory meeting Sunday night and they said that we had to be out by Monday at 10 a.m.,” said Bomely. “So, they said they were locking all the dorms and everything and you couldn’t get back in.”

That meant scrambling to find flights to get back to Connecticut.

“They were so expensive the first couple of nights. So it was stressful figuring out what I’m gonna do, where we’re going to go in the meantime.”

Fortunately, a friend let her and seven other students stay at her home until she could fly out on Wednesday.

“I think they said the graduating class of this past year evacuated like 17 times or something like that,” said Bomely.

She said she knew it was a risk when choosing Coastal Carolina University — which is located in a coastal town that floods. However, she didn’t think it would happen a couple of weeks into her freshman year.

“We have to move everything online,” said Bomely. “So each day our professors email us what we have to do.”

She is getting daily updates from her school.

On Friday afternoon she got good news. The school wouldn’t be shut down for three weeks like last year. Classes will resume again on Monday.

“They said the damage wasn’t bad,” said Bomely. “Just minor things so they’re fixing it right now. Just more the flooding.”

In Connecticut, there are no storm concerns with Hurricane Dorian other than rains and gusty winds. The storm is expected to pass by well offshore, but it is still affecting those who ferry people across the water.

Cross Sound Ferry has cancelled all high speed service to Block Island and Orient Point, New Yory,  and some car ferries Friday and early Saturday.

Service should resume Sunday.

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