MONTVILLE, Conn. (WTNH) — Montville is one of the many school districts across the state with an early dismissal Monday because of the heat.

Buses started lining up a little after 11 a.m. at Montville High School.

Monday was a half-day of school in Montville and many school districts. The early dismissal comes as a heatwave takes over the state.

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“It’s very hot,” said Leonard J. Tyl Middle School seventh-grader Emma Terris who says the heat can make it hard to concentrate. “Yeah sometimes.”

In a message to Montville parents the superintendent Laurie Pallin explained, “… our schools are not air-conditioned, and in order to meet COVID-19 ventilation requirements, we must bring hot air from our rooftops into the classrooms throughout the day.”

That would just make the classrooms even hotter. Instead, they did run the ventilation system at night to try to bring cooler air into the classrooms for this half-day but as the message goes on to say,

“… students and staff are required to wear masks throughout the day, we do not we (sic) believe can provide a safe and comfortable learning environment…” 

“Especially with the masks and everything it’s like really like hard to breathe and stuff,” said Montville H.S. Sophomore Brandon LaRose.

Kendal Brown a seventh-grader at Leonard J. Tyl Middle School said today was hotter than usual. “Yeah. Yes,” she answered.

Most schools get out of school for the year at the end of next week so they’re hoping they get a break from this heat so the students can stay in the classroom until then.

Just another challenge during this pandemic for schools, students, and parents. One mother who did not want to be identified had to leave work early to pick up her child from school.

“This whole year has just been moving parts the entire year so this is…I think we’re kind of pros at this point. Just getting the text or the calls and just making adjustments and doing what the kids need,” said the parent.

“I get to just go home and relax,” said LaRose.

Sort of like early dismissal before a snow storm hits. Well sort of…

“We just get the rest of the day off,” said Terris who may go swimming when she gets home. “Probably.”

With this early dismissal there is no remote learning required.