GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) — A new residential project that broke ground on Wednesday in Groton has officials excited.

“Groton is starved for housing,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said.

The project, Triton Square, is set to add 304 more units to the housing stock. The four-story buildings will have 14,000 square feet of amenity space. It will also include outdoor features like fire pits, a pool and pickleball courts.

It’s being constructed on the site of the former William Seely School property, which has been vacant for years. The new complex will largely follow the footprint of the old structure.

The developer, DonMar Development Corporation, is trying to target the young engineers at Electric Boat and young chemists at Pfizer.

Electric Boat alone is looking to add 3,000 more employees this year alone in Connecticut.

“Housing is one of the biggest issues for people we are hiring who are moving to the area and even people within the area,” said Dan McFadden, the director of communications and public affairs for General Dynamics Electric Boat. “We have lots of employees who would like to move closer.”

About 20,000 people commute to Groton each day for work, according to Anthony Di Gioia, the vice president of DonMar Development Corporation.

“This is the kind of housing that they’re looking for,” he said. “They don’t want this regular, garden-style. They’re looking for almost that hotel feel.”

The development could start generating $1 million in tax revenue annually for Groton.

“It’s enough to start some other programs or to reduce the tax burden on residents,” said John Burt, Groton’s town manager.

The town hopes Triton Square is the first of many residential development projects, and points to other vacant properties waiting to be developed.