NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — Preparations are already underway at Burr’s Marina in New London in anticipation of what Hurricane Lee could mean for Connecticut as the storm passes to the east.

Adam Bergamo was busy Wednesday pulling boats out of the water.

“We pulled a sailboat,” said Bergamo, who owns the marina. “There’s a barge down there, and that big 40 footer we pulled out. But, most people are just doubling up their lines.”

Alberto Ramirez came from his home in Hebron to make sure his sailboat was secure.

“I’m reinforcing the lines and changing some of the lines that are old,” Ramirez said. “So, I’m putting a double line in case the surge comes.”

Boats were starting to move already on Wednesday afternoon, and while some people pulled their boats from the water, others are watching and waiting.

Bergamo warns boaters that if you wait too long, you could be too late.

“Friday afternoon, we’ll probably have big swells in here,” he said. “The boats will be moving too much to really put them in the lift well. At that point, you’re just throwing lines on as best you can.”

To the east, at Dodson Boatyard in Stonington, crews were making sure that all the boats that were docked and moored were secure.

“Right now they’re just setting up storm pennant lines,” said Frankie DelCampo, who works at Dodson Boatyard. “They’re attaching an extra line to every single one of these moorings in the field.”

Brad Herbert left Boston at 3:30 p.m. Tuesday to try and outrun the hurricane.

He and his wife, who live on their sailboat, will be riding out the storm onboard, so they are in search of safe harbor. They just stopped in Stonington to fuel up.

“We’re headed toward Northport,” Herbert said. “Seems a little bit safer the further tucked into the Sound you get.”

The Red Cross says they are working with government officials to position teams and supplies across New England to areas that may be affected. This includes around 25 shelter teams and 40 Red Cross vehicles that will provide a large relief response.