NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — A New London woman has been charged in connection to the death of her 4-year-old son.

Before 6:30 a.m. on Sunday, police received a call for a disturbance in the parking lot of 242 Nautilus Dr. of a woman damaging a vehicle with a bat.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with the vehicle’s owner. The reported female had fled before police arrived, but the owner was able to point her out near the scene when they spoke with police about the damage.

Police said the female told them to “take me away” and that she had “strangled her son.”

Immediately, police went to her apartment to conduct a well-being check. They found the child unconscious and unresponsive. Officers administered CPR. The child was taken to Lawrence and Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead. They say he was strangled. 

New London Police Chief Peter Reichard said officers believe the child was dead before they arrived.

New London Police confirmed to News 8 the child was a 4-year-old boy and that the female was the boy’s mother.

Police identified the suspect as 33-year-old Tiffany Farrauto. She was charged with murder and risk of injury to a child. She is now being held on a $2 million bond and has been put on suicide and mental health watch.

In a press conference Sunday, the chief of police was choked up and said of the case, “It hits you right in the guts…Our deepest condolences and sympathy to the family of the child.”

New London Mayor Michael Passero added, “We’re lost a second child to violence in as many weeks…I want to extend my condolences…We all share in a loss like this.”

WATCH: New London police, mayor give update Sunday on death of 4-year-old child

“Yeah,” is all Farrauto said as she appeared virtually for her arraignment Monday. She wore a hospital gown as she sat in a separate room in the New London Superior courthouse.

“When I asked her address this morning she gave me a list of numbers followed by the claim she lived in a squad car,” the bail commissioner told the court.

The New London Judicial District State’s Attorney’s Office and the Connecticut State Police Major Crime Unit-Eastern District are handling the investigation.

A memorial is now set up in honor of the little boy at the apartment complex where he was found. Friends and family provided pictures of 4-year-old David.

“I don’t know what she was going though what was in her mind but regardless of that I mean this shouldn’t have happened. No matter what you go through, no matter what you encounter, what difficulties you have in your life, innocent children shouldn’t suffer,” said Gregana Kostova, a neighbor.

Kostova placed a stuffed animal at a memorial for the little boy. She saw Farrauto Sunday morning hitting an SUV in the parking lot with a toy bat.

“Smashing.. trying to smash the passenger window,” said Kostova. “She was not successful. The bat broke in two and flew in the air.”

Kostova called police to report the vandalism.

“At that point she was yelling, flailing her arms in the air and quite erratic behavior,” said Kostova.

Many people who have contributed to this memorial say they didn’t even know the little boy or his mother. But one woman told me you didn’t have to know him to feel so sad.

A sentiment shared by many who wish someone could have stopped this before it happened.

“You have one job you know to protect that child. Especially coming from a mother that’s very very sad to see,” said Jameela Stoney Edwards of New London.

A candlelight vigil is scheduled in honor of the little boy at the 242 Nautilus Drive apartment complex Monday night at 6 p.m.