NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — New London police have made a second arrest in connection to a child abuse case, according to authorities.

On Thursday, officers with the New London Police Department served an arrest warrant to Melissa Gregor, 38, of East Haddam. Police said Melissa Gregor turned herself into police custody at the New London Police Headquarters.

Gregor was charged with the following offenses: risk of injury to a minor, conspiracy to commit second-degree assault, conspiracy to commit unlawful restraint, conspiracy to commit cruelty to persons, conspiracy to commit first-degree strangulation and conspiracy to commit reckless endangerment.  

Melissa Gregor was released on a $250,000 cash-surety bond, police said.

Melissa Gregor’s arrest stems from a previous domestic violence and child abuse investigation in New London this past winter.

On Jan. 29, police arrested Michael Gregor, 41, in East Lyme after a child was hospitalized for injuries and malnourishment. Michael Gregor is accused of attacking a child on Jan. 29.

Police said the child had been living in squalor, inhumane conditions and was subjected to abuse.

New London man held on $750K bond after malnourished child ‘living in squalor’ hospitalized

According to police documents, the child was locked in a room with a deadbolt lock on the outside. The child told police, he was locked inside the room for hours at a time, with only a layer of plastic on the floor and a blanket.

Police said the child was pulled out of school to be homeschooled. He told police that Michael Gregor had repeatedly hit him in the head. Police documents showed the victim had been tied up, placed in a wooded box, and was not allowed to eat or drink.

The child told police he was also forced to sleep in a closet for a month and was unsure of how often he was able to eat or drink, as he lost his sense of time in the closet.

Michael Gregor had been charged with first-degree strangulation, second-degree assault, cruelty to persons, risk of injury to a minor, unlawful restraint and reckless endangerment. Michael Gregor had been held on a $750,000 cash-surety bond for the above charges.

In January, he was also charged with second-degree strangulation, second-degree threatening, third-degree assault and disorderly conduct.

Anyone with information on the investigation is asked to contact the New London Police Department at 860-447-1481.