NEW LONDON, Conn. (WTNH) — A New London woman now living in Israel says she fears for her safety.

Erica Weiner spoke to News 8 from her apartment in Tel Aviv.

“Right now I’m sitting in my living room, but really any minute, I could be having to go into the bomb shelter,” she said.

A surprise attacked from the militant group Hamas has killed hundreds of civilians, including 14 Americans. Israel has launched retaliatory strikes on the Gaza Strip, killing and wounding hundreds of Palestinians.

Weiner said she is lucky — her bedroom also serves as a bomb shelter in her apartment. She has lived in Tel Aviv for the past six years, and for the last four days she has not gotten much sleep at all.

“Every time there is an alarm it’s nerve wracking,” Weiner said.

She said once an alarm is sounded, she has 90 seconds to seek shelter. Those living closer to Gaza may have only 14 seconds. She seldom leaves her home now because of the bombs, which have hit nearby, but also because she fears terrorists may have entered Israel.

“Like I am very afraid, and I limit the exposure that I’m putting myself outside,” Weiner said. “No one is really outside, except people who have a dog.”

Her father, Barry Weiner, lives in New London.

“We can’t describe the horror we’re going through,” he said. “Every time the phone rings, our heart is in our throat.”

He and his wife also live in fear for their daughter’s safety. Erica Weiner is in Israel teaching English, but has not worked since the attacks.

Would she want to be back home now?  

She said she’s torn.

“I feel like it’s almost my duty to stay put,” said Weiner. “[Hamas] can’t win.  It’s not an option.”

Her father said he’s proud of her.

“Doesn’t stop the fact that we wish she was home,” he said, adding that he’d prefer if she supported Israel from their home in New London.